About Us


We have several programs to meet the needs of your family.  Infant & Toddler Classes, Preschool, and Pre-K classes operate every day with 2, 3, or 5 day, and full day and half day (Mother's Day Out) enrollment options. 

Children age two and up participate in weekly chapel time!

  Songs and stories introduce faith-based concepts in age appropriate manners.



Our program offers curriculum that provide students with hands-on lessons, allows exploration and play, improves vocabulary through inquiry and discussion, develops problem solving skills, and enables the application of their learning to real world experiences.

Pre-K curriculum aligns with the local school district’s academic scope & sequence, Texas’s Head Start programs, and TEA’s pre-K guidelines, and the exit guidelines exceed the requirements of school readiness recommended for kindergarten.

Methodist Preschool conducts and records daily observations and periodic formal assessments to document your child’s developmental milestones and learning achievements.  

A developmental screening program is also implemented as a quality initiative and lets parents know how committed the preschool is to your child’s growth and development.  

Methodist Preschool’s teachers are highly qualified early childhood instructors, who have a genuine commitment to and knowledge of early childhood education as it relates to the individual child. Our program’s low student-teacher ratios help teachers work one-on-one with every child in their classroom. All staff members participate in training throughout the year to stay updated on the latest child development research, early childhood education methods, child safety practices, and classroom management techniques. 

Our Objective:

We want to  provide our families with the highest quality care and education.  Methodist Preschool is  undergoing the process for certification in the Texas Rising Star program through the Texas Workforce Commission. Click the link below to learn more about how this program benefits your child.   

General Information

Full Day Enrollment:
Monday - Friday: 6:30a - 5:30p

Half-Day Enrollment:
Monday - Friday: 8:00a - 2:15p

Methodist Preschool loosely follows the Comal ISD’s academic calendar. We are closed for planned, extended school breaks and federal holidays. We also follow Comal ISD’s school closings, or delayed hours, in the case of severe weather. If the schools are closed, Methodist Preschool may follow in accordance with CISD. Parents/Guardians will be contacted immediately should the preschool close for any emergency, such as severe weather or loss of utilities, or any situation that would severely disrupt student care and services making it unsafe to remain open.

Methodist Preschool's Academic (operating) Calendar can be found HERE.

Methodist Preschool is licensed under the Texas Health and Human Services Department of Child Care Regulation. Minimum Standards for Child Care Centers defines the preschool’s basic requirements for operation within the state of Texas.

Parents may view the State Minimum Standards for child care and view Methodist Preschool’s inspection reports at any time. These can be viewed online at:

Child Care Licensing Office (San Antonio)
3635 SE Military Dr.
P.O. Box 23990
San Antonio, Texas 78223-0990
(210) 337-3399